Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Birthday Party Part 1- What a Fun Night!

Hello my fabulous people,

You have NO IDEA how much I love celebrating BIRTHDAYS. For me it is the BEST PART OF THE YEAR!!I do not like getting older but I do like having friends and family together to celebrate my life. It's the day I came to the world :)
Anyways, It's a very special and unique day for me. I plan, I plan and I plan many things.. lots of ideas.. sometimes things go wrong or unfortunate stuff happens last minute... but in the end it always works out. That's exactly what happened this year. 
I had things planned and changed everything  last minute...I'm lucky to have SUCH AMAZING FRIENDS that  supports whatever I do last minute.. They make THE BEST OF IT.

Well, my birthday night (June 15), was FABULOUS. Like I said, it's only the warm up for the REAL PARTY, we can say it was sort of a PRE- PARTY.
I had my close friends over, everybody full of smiles and excitement. We got wine, champagne and I made some last minute appetizer table with some good cheese, crackers , bread and lots of fruits..etc.
Pretty good for last minute!!
And of course to make things happen this quickly, I had to have some help, so, Fabi, Barby and Dani helped by preparing the tables, food and little other things.I also had my friend Marianna helping me out with all.Spent the afternoon running around with me getting things done and buying all we had for the party. Thank Mari!!
The FLASHES were taken by Daniel Ferreira. He was also The party animator!!  :)
It was a cute little purple celebration!!



 Eliz, Mi & I!
 Blowing the candles!!
 My dear friends!!

The Birthday Girl!!

Jewelry by Charlene K- I absolutely love my black stone pendant - Gave a life to my outfit!


Kevin & I 

Best shots of the night!
Posing with fun!!


Caught on my hidden camera

Thanks Daniel Ferreira for all the photos!
Next Sunday be ready for my Birthday Party part 2 
Aloha friends!!!
I will be celebrating my B-day in a Hawaiian Themed Party - BBQ by the pool
More details coming up soon!


Russ Cooper said...

Wow Impressive
esp for a "last minute" get together
Those are some celebs there too.
Next week will be even BIGGER!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Gi!!!
Fun Night!!!

Jeane Minter said...
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Jeane Minter said...

I love how simple yet exciting your birthday party has been. The dishes you prepared for your friends are succulent and the location is just perfect for you guys to bond. Having your loving friends around on your day is enough to make the day memorable and special, eh?

Jeane Minter