Monday, July 30, 2012

A True Brazilian Celebration - Cheers to Mauricio Ribeiro

Hello my fabulous people,

Today I'm here to share my good wishes to my hair stylist and dear friend Mauricio Ribeiro!
And, when it comes to hair cuts and Brazilian treatments, he is the pioneer. I'm proud of him every day, specially when he makes women and men feel so good about their looks. 
His birthday is a special day for me too, he is my big brother and i love him so much. Cheers to that!! I love you Mau!!
Now, speaking of celebration, what a nice get together! He picked the perfect place( Tortilla Republic) to gather his close friends for appetizers and cocktails.We had a blast! 
Don't forget to visit Mauricio's webiste to check out the summer specials: 


Birthday boy &  his beautiful cake

Mauricio, US Weekly Reporter Brody Brown & I

I'm wearing BEBE pink knit dress!!

Mia looking stunning in her blue & black dress!! 
Lovely friends!
Mia & I

Love is in the air!!


love you Mau!!

Want to know my hair secret??
True Brazilian by Mauricio Ribeiro
Visit the website for more info:

Mauricio Ribeiro 
true brazilian inc.
709 N. Alfred St.
Los Angeles, Ca 90069 

(310) 918-0466
Any inquiries may also be directed to:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Blow Dry Bar Opening - Beautiful Place

Hello my fabulous people,

As you all know, I love visiting new places every week, and this week I discovered one more new place, UM CANTINHO MUITO ESPECIAL, better than that, a incredible place that is perfect for US women!
For those who love getting blow drys and hair conditioning, THE BRASILIAN BLOW DRY BAR is the place to be!
I hosted the grand opening party and it was a lot of fun!
Lots of beautiful people attended and absolutely loved the place!
Promoted by Ariel Del Mundo, the event had lots of Brazilian taste: from Brazilian Samba dancers entertaining the guests, to Brazilian Bands playing, Dj Chris Brazil and delicious Brazilian appetizers and cocktails! 
The Brasilian Blow Dry Bar follows the concept that has been around and conquering the women in general more and more each day.
It's a salon to mainly just get a blow dry. Simple and direct to the point. I love it!
The Brasilian Blow Dry Bar is a combination of 2 good elements: Business and pleasure. Hahaha, I know it sounds funny but it's true! 
While you get your blow dry, you take the time to enjoy yourself drinking some girly cocktails, plus: You get to see all the amazing art on the walls by Romero Britto and Sandra Zebi. 
I told you, business and pleasure is the way to go!
Check out their website for more info:

Opening Party Highlights!!

Step & Repeat - Ariel Del Mundo, Elizandra Dutra, Michelle Schmidt & I

 Odete(Brasilian Blow Dry bar owner)surrounded by her Brazilian guests!!

 Odete & Giselle Claudino 
 Vanessa Fischer & I
 Michelle Schmidt & I
 Mylla Rodrigues, Carol Baumgartner & I
My beautiful misses & I

 Sandra Zebi - Artist & I

Party Attractions

 Hosting the event!

Dj Chris Brazil in the house!
Inside the Brasilian Blog Dry Bar

I Love this place!!

Hope you all loved it!
The Brasilian Blow Dry bar is located:
8969 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, Ca.
Phone: (310) 858-8136