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TOP TRENDS: Hot Bathing suits for the Summer 2012

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Top Bathing suits trends for the summer 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) -- How did you ladies like my fashion guide for the summer 2012? I hope it was very helpful and by now you all have the pieces I suggested last week as they are really essential for you to rock this season!
Clothing is very important in any season, but during summer, the bathing suits are one of the essential hottest pieces to have. They come in different styles to suit any type of body. So, don’t freak out if you are not in shape. You will be able to wear something, among the many options out there. The 2012 beach summer fashion is just delightful.
During my research this week, I found out that big hats, big jewelry, and big buckles are SUPER HOT this season. So if you like accessories as much as I do, it’s your lucky season. My suggestion is to overdo on the accessories, try having more than one necklace or bracelet on at the same time, abuse of the bright colors, and be ready to impress.
High-wasted two-pieces, cut-outs, one shoulder, metallic, scarf like prints, and sheer cover-up, crocheted knit cover-ups and animal prints are some of your options for this season.
My favorite styles:
High-waisted two pieces: This is a very good looking style. It is one of my favorite actually. I absolutely love how it makes the body look so sexy, even with the high waist covering mostly your belly. Check out the photos I selected and see how the high waist bathing suits are stylish and retro looking. Plus, this style can help hide the little inconvenientsidefat that you think you have and absolutely hate!
Metallic style: Like me, there are people who likes to stand out. Metallic is good to cause an impact. It’s more about the color than the style. The Metallic bathing suits are gorgeous. It’s for those who like to embrace a bit more of a high fashion style. It’s very flashy and shiny. Some metallic colors have a unique blend. You need to be confident to use it and rock the trend with grace. One more thing, metallic with mesh is certain to be noticed. It’s a step forward but I’m sure you can handle it!
Cutouts: Oh, we all love it, right? So sexy! It’s almost like the 2 pieces bathing suit but not really. Look at these 1 pieces I selected to share with you ladies. They are also very unique. They can be found in crochet, and some with just simple cutouts.
My advice: If you have the body for it, go ahead and use the cutout style, make the people around you very jealous!
My favorite swim wear outfit style for this summer:  Try to dress all in white. My suggestion is to wear a chic white one-piece bathing suit with a crocheted white cover-up. Remember to add some white accessories with a bit of color just for a touch, white beach plastic stylish sandals, and an amazing big hat to complement your look. Oh, I guarantee you will look like a million dollar lady. Make sure to combine the look well!
If you are on budget, check online stores like: Forever 21, H&M, Express, for good deals. They have from bathing suits to cover –ups, shorts and everything you can possibly need for the summer.
See you guys next week with more SUMMER FASHION TIPS!
By Giselle Claudino
Edited by BDCi News Staff
Source: Millions of Looks, Elle, Vogue and Style, Cosmopolitan
Photos: Millions of Looks, Elle, Vogue and Style, Cosmopolitan
Photo Credit:
July 10, 2012

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