Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Crafts, Decoration & Food! Awesome Ideas!

Hello my fabulous people,

It's 4th of July!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh. It's a holiday!! 
Wonder what you guys are doing today! Hoping you all are having an amazing time!
Well, since the weather is not so warm like expected today, I decided to stay home and do a post on the fun stuff related to this holiday that I found online. 
All the great 4th of July craft, food and decorations are so inspiring to me.Love to see people's creativity out there.
 I think it's fun to share it in case you guys want to put something quick together for either tonight ( it's 4pm still) or for next year. Why not??
Here are the most creative and cutest stuff I found online!

Happy 4Th of July!!

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