Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Celebration at Silvio's - Hermosa Beach

Hello my fabulous people,

Did you all enjoy the beautiful fireworks??
It was a beautiful day today, perfect for a celebration like THE 4TH OF JULY - America Independence Day! I wish it was a bit warmer. Oh well, it didn't stop me and the thousands of people on the Pier in Hermosa Beach from having some serious fun.

Since I was there, I went to Silvio's Brazilian BBQ of course. It was absolutely packed. There was a big crowd watching the game and trying his amazing dishes and drinks. 
My friend Heidy and I had a very good time there too, specially because we got a table outside with the view to the pier.(Even with the place full, Silvio's accommodated us). It was fun watching the people walking around dressed in crazy 4th of July outfits and completely drunk. I saw some OUTRAGEOUS OUTFITS TODAY!
Heidy and I shared a Picanha combo plate.I recommend, hum, it was delicious!
Silvio is a dear friend and I'm happy to see his  bar/restaurant being this successful! 

I took some photos of my 4th of July afternoon in Hermosa Beach. Hope you guys liked!

We love hanging out with Silvio & at Silvio's :)
The other night with great friends!
Luana Teves, Gu Fidelis, UFC Fighter ' Ta Danado" & I

Giselle Claudino & Eduardo Ta Danado

Gu Fidelis & I



 My Outfit

The Pier

 It was totally crowded!
 Beautiful Day


Some 4th of July Houses Decorations

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