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Welcome to the fantastic world of Celine Dion!
Since EVER I have been her number one fan.Her music, her dance, her life style, her career and OF COURSE, HER WARDROBE.I have been looking for opportunities like this to just talk and write about Celine's fashion sense and about her classy style.She is really great. Here I am, with the chance I always wanted.I got "this job",which was given to me by Ms. Jackson, my history of Costume teacher, which all of us in class had to choose any icon we wanted to design a dress.We also have to specify where they would be using the dress and which period of time we had our dress influence by.
I believe the dream of any fashion designer is to be able to design a dress for their favorite star.Today we had our dream come true but the question is,was the dress I designed the perfect dress for Celine shine even more on stage??f??I really hope so.
When I was assigned to do this work, all I could think was my icon being Celine Dion.Come on, I've been in her concert like 3 times, by the way,best experience EVER!She is a complete package,she inspires me and a lot of people with her music, besides the fact she got great personality, amazing voice, wonderful stage presence and classiest taste someone can have.Totally fashion & classy.Love it!
Here is some of my favorites she has ever worn!

                                                            She Got Fantastic Style!!

Dressed by Favorite Designers

Her Style Inspires me. Working as a TV host and reporter most of the time I end up having to choose dresses to cover specific events.It's fun but it can be very challenging too. One thing that makes easier for me is the fact that I usually google Celine Dion name under evening gown and look for some inspiration.Here I found a perfect dress to host a Miss Brazil LA pageant last year. A typical Celine Dion look.Lots of Glamor & sparkle!

Greek Style Remains in!

My design to Celine Dion: After a lot of thinking I envisioned Celine on stage looking beautiful in those designs I made bellow.I am not very good at sketching but this is what I would like to see Celine Dion wearing in her concert.

Situation: I designed 3 different styles for her to do changes on stage. It's one of her concerts day and she will be looking like a goddess!

History: The main dress relates mostly to the Greek period.The Greek culture influences a lot of clothing we wear today.Modern dresses can be transformed to many different styles from old times, it can even be a classic yet with a touch of modernity or can be completely modern with the a touch of classic.That's what I tried to do in this dress. Celine plays a lot of roles, in this dress she suppose to look classy but she will bring her on style to make the look complete and a bit modern. Dresses influenced by Greeks are adored by everyone nowadays.They are simple and comfy to everybody,from a common person to a celebrity.Stars use them to walk the red carpet, be highlighted and that's exactly what Greeks used to do in their time. I believe their fashion influence will never die.Here are some of their styles that remain alive:
Drape patterns, one shoulder,jewelry with lot of gold, jeweled headband among others. She can totally pull it off and rock the house wearing my design!!

Concert Opening Dress
Front & Back

Close up

Concert Closing Dress

3 more Garments for Celine's Performance

How did I adapt Greek influence into my design?
I never really wanted to design only one dress for her.I wanted to design a main dress for the opening, a dress for 
closing and some other simple garments for her to use while performing.
For the main garment I used a lot of fabric so it can drap well and make my layers look good.She will wear lot of gold accessories to complete the look.
3 more simple garments were designed to be used during the show.

How will my pop star use the garment I designed?
She will be wearing it on stage while performing.


3rd Annual Hollywood Brazilian film Festival is Around the Corner!Confira a Entrevista Exclusiva com Talize Sayegh!

Olá pessoal,
Nossa Coluna Social preparou um super material e entrevista para essa semana!!

Está faltando menos de uma semana para mais uma edição do HBRF,o Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival que acontece aqui em Los Angeles no Egyption theatre do dia 1 à 5 de Junho.
Todo ano o festival é um sucesso, atinge suas metas que e' trazer um publico novo, diversificado para prestigiar os filmes e talentos Brasileiros.O proposito é sempre o mesmo, divulgar o a nossa cultura, o nosso cinema para aqueles que não conhecem e reforçar os que conhecem!
O HBRF trará muitas surpresas para sua terceira edição, esse ano tem um gostinho todo especial.Ninguem melhor do que a Talize Sayegh, fundadora e produtora executiva do festival para dar mais detalhes e informações do que será o evento este ano.
Lembramos que o festival está a procura de volutários para trabalhar nos 5 dias do evento. Por favor entrar em contato com a Heidy Han para mandar sua application:

Entrevista Exclusiva com Talize Sayegh:

Giselle Claudino: Talize, primeiramente gostaria de saber se está excited para mais um ano de festival?

Talize Sayegh: Sim ,sempre um grande prazer e felicidade está fazendo o HBRFEST.

Giselle Claudino: Conversando com você descobri que para que esse festival aconteça com sucesso todo ano e' preciso muitos meses de preparação, de trabalho intenso seu, acordando no meio da madrugada para falar com o Brasil e negociar detalhes do festival. Pode dividir com a gente um pouco dessa preparação?

Talize Sayegh: E' tudo o que voce falou acima e um pouco mais. Realmente para se fazer um festival ou qualquer outro evento tem que ter muita dedição e o mais importante, amor pelo o que faz,principalmente amor pelo seu país, pois a intenção do Hollywood Brazilian Film Fesival e' abrir as portas da cidade de Hollywood para que nossos filmmakers Brasileiros possam entrar!

Giselle Claudino: Na sua opinião, qual a intenção principal do festival todo ano?

Talize Sayegh: Fazer nosso cinema brasileiro ser realmente reconhecido na terra do cinema mundial. Mostrar que Brasil tem great cineastras, maravilhosos escritores e grandes talentos. Mostrar que e' fascinate a historia do nosso cinema.

Giselle Claudino: Bom, estou sabendo que esse ano o festival traz algumas surpresas bem legais, uma delas é que o publico poderá assistir selected films for free. Qual a ideia dessa sua iniciativa?

Talize Sayegh: A nossa iniciativa foi devido a economia, queremos que o publico não se preocupe com dinheiro e que possa desfrutar deste maravilhoso cinema brasileiro.Gostaria que o público conheça de verdade o que e' o cinema independente do nosso país e aprender a amar esta cultura tão fascinante.

Giselle Claudino: Tem mais surpresas que devemos esperar para o HBRF este ano?Quem está vindo do Brasil este ano??

Talize Sayegh: Sim temos supresas, mas não posso contar senão não é supresa. Temos confirmados a presença da belíssima e super talentosa atriz Mariana Ximendes, e outros que nao posso anunciar agora.As surpresas serão todas reveladas no RED Carpet dia 1 de Junho.Ainda da tempo de comprar o ingresso e comparecer. Vai ser realmente muito bom ver estes artitas apoiando HBRFEST. Para finalizar, queremos que  o Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival seja a vitrine para o cinema Brasileiro. Queremos contar com o apoio de nossa comunidade, pois sem este apoio não temos forças para continuar. Amamos nosso Brazil que 'e um sucesso.É isso ai pessoal!
3rd Annual Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival, um festival de cinema Brasileiro pra você!

Max Fercondini, Talize Sayegh, Reynaldo Gianecchini e Rodrigo Santoro - HBFFEST 2010

Wednesday 6/1 – 8 PM – Opening Night

Official Competition – Narrative Features

Riscado (Craft) – Opening Film

Brazil 2010, 85’, HD/16mm

West Coast Premiere

Director Gustavo Pizzi and Actress Karine Teles in attendance.

With the expressiveness of a golden-age Hollywood star, Karine Teles gives a tour-de-force performance as a talented actress who struggles through life with small, humiliating jobs to make ends meet, until she gets what may be her big break. Director Gustavo Pizzi, who co-wrote the script with Teles (his real-life wife), says that RISCADO (Craft) is a film about “searching for the sky that is melting outside while we aresweeping the floor.” Pizzi portrays the cruelty of the competitive world in which we live, and heightens the drama not by resorting to exaggerated scenarios, but by picking the

perfect protagonist: an actress. Acting from deep within, Teles beautifully portrays the life of someone who must contain her constant fear of time’s passing, her insecurity that a mastery of her own craft may not be enough, and the gnawing feeling that each day of auditions and casting calls becomes another day lost in the struggle for success.

Directed by Gustavo Pizzi

Produced by Cavi Borges, Gustavo Pizzi, Daniela Santos

Screenplay: Gustavo Pizzi, Karine Teles

Cinematography: Paulo F. Camacho

Editor: Gustavo Pizzi

Sound: Felipe Mussel

Music: Lucas Vasconcellos

Cast: Karine Teles, Camilo Pellegrini, Dany Roland, Otavio Muller

Festivals & Awards:

Best Actress – 2010 Rio Int’l Film Festival

SXSW, Cartagena, Guadalajara, Houston, Jerusalem, MoMA NY


Official Competition – Short Films

Recife Frio (Cold Tropics)

Brazil 2010, 24’, 35mm - in Portuguese, Spanish, English

Director Kleber Mendonça Filho in attendance.

An unusual climate change turns Recife, in tropical northeastern Brazil, into a cold and damp environment. A foreign TV documentary examines the effects this change has brought upon a culture that has always lived under the bright sun.

Directed by Kleber Mendonça

FilhoProduced by Emilie Lesclaux

Screenplay: Kleber Mendonça Filho

Cinematography: Kleber Mendonça Filho, Pedro Sotero

Editor: Emilie Lesclaux, Kleber Mendonça Filho

Cast: Andrés Schaffer, Jr. Black, Lia de Itamaraca, Rodrigo Rizla,

Festivals & Awards:

Best Film – Rio Int’l Shorts Film Festival

IndieLisboa, Clermont-Ferrand

Thursday 6/2 – 7PM

A Fuga da Mulher Gorila (The Escape of the Gorilla Woman)

Brazil 2009, 82’, HD

US Premiere

Co-director Felipe Bragança in attendance - part 1 trilogy

This musical road movie tells the story of two sisters (played by Flora Dias and Morena Catonni) who decide to embark on a journey through the state of Rio de Janeiro in an old kombi van. Along the way, they offer a lift to an actor (Alberto Moura Jr) who also wants to visit the state, and together, the trio organizes a spectacular show in which one of them transforms into a gorilla and threatens the audience.

Directed by Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande

Produced by Duas Mariola, Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande

Screenplay: Felipe Bragança

Cinematography: Andrea Capella

Editor: Marina Meliande

Sound: Marina Meliande

Cast: Flora Dias, Morena Cattoni, Alberto Moura Jr., Pedro Freire

Festivals & Awards:

Best Film - 2009 Tiradentes Film Festival

Locarno, Mexico City, Manilla


A Distração de Ivan (Ivan’s Distraction)

Brazil 2010, 17’, HD
Producer Gustavo Pizzi in attendance

Ivan is an eleven-year-old boy. He lives with his grandmother in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Amidst his everyday tricks and squabbles with friends, he will mature.

Directed by Cavi Borges, Gustavo Melo

Produced by Gustavo Pizzi

Screenplay: Gustavo Melo

Cinematography: Paulo Castiglioni

Editor: Fernanda Teixeira

Cast: Rodrigo da Costa, Luciano Vidigal, Mirian Pérsia

Festival: 2010 Cannes – Semaine de la Critique

Thursday 6/2 – 9 PM - Hors Concours

A Alegria (The Joy)

Brazil 2010, 100’, 35mm

Los Angeles Premiere

Co-director Felipe Bragança in attendance - part 2 trilogy

THE JOY is a fairy tale about youth and courage. THE JOY tells the story of 16-year- old Luiza, who is tired of hearing about the end of the world. On Christmas Eve, her cousin João is shot in a poor neighborhood and disappears in the middle of the night.
A few weeks later, while alone in her apartment in a middle class neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Luiza finds a mysterious guest waiting for her in the living room: João, as a ghost, asking her to be hidden there.

Directed by Felipe Bragança & Marina Meliande

Produced by Duas Mariola Filmes, Arissas Multimedia & RT/Features

Executive Producer: Lara Frigotto

Screenplay: Felipe Bragança

Cinematography: Andrea Capella

Editor: Marina Meliande

Music: Lucas Marcier

Cast: Tainá Medina, Junior Moura, Flora Dias, Rikle Miranda

Festivals & Awards:

2010 Cannes – Directors’ Fortnight

Brasilia, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Toulouse, Prague


O Divino, De Repente (Divino Freestyles)

Brazil 2010, 6’, 35mm

Ubiraci Crispim de Freitas, a real character aka Divino, sings 'repente' songs and tells us about his life. An unusual documentary with animated subtitles. DIVINO FREESTYLES is a short-film produced with handmade animation techniques: flipbook, cartoon, rotoscope, pixilation and stop motion - plus live-action scenes shot in Super 16.

Directed by Fábio Yamaji

Produced by Ana Luiza Pereira

Screenplay: Fábio Yamaji

Cast: Ubiraci Crispim de Freitas (Divino)

Festivals: Guanajuato, Tempere, Sao Paulo

Friday 6/3 – 5 PM

Desassossego (Never Quiet - film of wonders)

Brazil 2011, 63’, HD

North America Premiere

Co-director Felipe Bragança in attendance - part 3 trilogy

The project was an initiative of the directing duo Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande, who sent a ‘letter of concern’ to inspire the participants. In it, a 16-year-old girl wrote about her dreams, which have been translated by the directors into films about love, youth and the possibilities of cinema. The final result is a frenzied crossover of styles filmed in Super-8, VHS, HD and mini-DV. Pure poetry, a joy to see and balsam for the soul. NEVERQUIET is the final part of the trilogy Hearts on Fire by Bragança and Meliande, of which all three parts, The The Escape of the Gorilla Woman and The Joy, can also be seen for the fisrt time in one event at this year’s Festival.

Directed by Felipe Bragança, Marina Meliande, Karim Aïnouz, Ivo Lopes Araujo,

Gustavo Bragança, Helvécio Marins Jr., Clarissa Campolina, Caetano Gotardo Soares,

Raphael Mesquita, Leonardo Levis, Carolina Durão, Andrea Capella, Marco Dutra &

Juliana Rojas.

Produced by Duas Mariola

Associated Producers: Arissas Multimidia, Teia, Blum Filmes, Dependent Films,

Alumbramento Filmes and Filmes do Caixote.

Festival: Rotterdam, Janela - Recife

Chantal Akerman de Cá (Chantal Akerman from Here)

Brazil/Belgium 2010, 61’, HD - in English & French

North America Premiere
This documentary features an English spoken, uncut interview with the prestigious Belgian director. We hear Akerman’s reflections on her own work and method – especially Hotel Monterey (1972) and Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080

Bruxelles (1975)–, as well as the influence of directors such as Jonas Mekas and Michael Snow, her relation with Proust’s novel (which she adapted in La Captive in 2000), and her failed attempt to venture into a more commercial filmmaking; all that in 60 minutes It is clear –right from the framing, which is a wink to the interviewee’s style, to the previous work on the questions– that directors Gustavo Beck and Leonardo Ferreira both have a genuine interest in the life and work of Akerman; who, even if she does not always satisfy the curiosity of her interviewers, shows herself in her idiosyncrasy, whether that means lighting a cigarette in a non-smoking building, or assessing the errors and successes of her filmography.

Directed by Gustavo Beck & Leonardo Luiz Ferreira

Produced by Filmes do Beck, Enquadramento produções

Cinematography: João Atala

Editing: André Mielnik

Sound: Fernando Henna, Rafael Benvenuti

Bafici, FIDMarseille, Viennale


Friday 6/3 – 7:30 PM

Estrada para Ythaca (Road to Ythaca)

Brazil 2010, 70’, HD

North America Premiere

Co-director Guto Parente in attendance

Four friends –played by the four directors– have recently lost a fifth one. After a night of heavy drinking, they decide to travel to the mythical Ithaca. They don’t seem to be looking for a real place, but rather for something that has been with them since the beginning of the film, something that involves friendship or, more precisely, the spirit of those lines by Kavafis which open and close the film: “As you set out for Ithaca you should hope for your road to be a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery / Laistrygonians, Cyclops, angry Poseidon - don’t be afraid of them: / you’ll never find things like that on your way as long as you keep your thoughts raised high, as long as a rare excitement stirs your spirit and your body”. And that’s the spirit that is –luckily– discovered in the film’s form, which deliberately escapes from the parameters of a finished piece, emphasizing the erratic as an aesthetic plan.

Directed, Written, Edited, Photographed, and Produced by

Guto Parente, Luiz Pretti, Pedro Diógenes, Ricardo Pretti

With: Guto Parente, Luiz Pretti, Pedro Diógenes, Ricardo Pretti

Festivals & Awards:

Best Film - 2010 Tiradentes Film Festival

Bafici, Viennale, Barcelona, Tallinn Black Nights


Fantasmas (Ghosts)

Brazil 2010, 11’, HD

Director André Novais Oliveira in attendance

His ex-girlfriend’s ghost.

Directed by André Novais Oliveira

Produced by Filme de Plástico

Screenplay: André Novais Oliveira

Cinematography: Gabriel Martins

Editor: Gabriel Martins

Cast: Gabriel Martins, Maurílio Martins

Festivals & Awards:

Best Short – Janela, Recife

Curta Cinema, Rio.

Friday 6/3 – 9 PM

Por El Camino (Beyond the Road)

Brazil/Uruguay 2010, 85’, 35mm - in Spanish, English, French

North American Premiere

Director Charly Braun and Actor Esteban Feune de Colombi in attendance

Santiago, a 30 year old Argentinean, travels to Uruguay searching for a piece of land inherited from his parents, who were tragically killed in an accident a few years earlier. On his arrival in Montevideo he, by chance, meets Juliette, a young Belgian that came to Uruguay searching for an old love. He offers her a ride, and on the way they develop a relationship of growing affect. When they arrive in Punta del Este, however, Santiago’s universe stands between them.

Directed by Charly Braun

Produced by Charly Braun

Screenplay: Charly Braun

Cinematography: Pablo Ramos, Bruno Alzaga

Editor: Charly Braun, Fernando Coster

Cast: Esteban Feune de Colombi, Jill Mulleady, Naomi Campbell

Festivals & Awards:

Best Director - 2010 Rio Int’l Film Festival

Sao Paulo, Seattle, Jerusalem



Braszil 2010, 18’, HD

Directors Gabriel Martins and Maurilio Martins in attendance

A happening, four people and the city of Contagem.

Directed by Gabriel Martins e Maurílio Martins

Produced by Gabriel Martins e Maurílio Martins

Screenplay: Gabriel Martins e Maurílio Martins

Cinematography: Diogo Lisboa

Editor: Gabriel Martins e Maurílio Martins

Cast: Kelly Crifer, Leo Pyrata, Bárbara Colen, Osman Rocha Alcântara

Awards: Best Short – Brasilia

Saturday 6/4- 2:30pm

Vida Sobre Rodas (Life on Wheels)

Brazil 2010, 109’, HD

Director Daniel Baccaro

São Paulo, mid eighties. A bunch of kids share a shed with some of the first professional skateboarders of Brazil. Ultra Skate, the biggest and most challenging vert ramp in the country, was built by Mr. Nelson Mateus out of love for his son.
Among the kids, the ramps’ owner Cristiano Mateus, who made sure to keep the door open so that skateboarders from different areas could came and ride on his ramp. Bob Burnquist was only two blocks away from calling Ultra his second home. Sandro Dias, at the age of thirteen, use to leave São Bernardo do Campo, a distant neighborhood, to challenge the dangerous ramp. And Lincoln Ueda, the man to beat at the time, use to leave Polato, his local cement ramp, to have a few “wood sessions” with the guys.

The film VIDA SOBRE RODAS features testimonials from skateboarding legends, including Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi, to narrate the last decades of the sport in Brazil, its dizzying growth, and technical development, through the eyes of those who were part of this revolution. More than a record about skateboarding or skateboarders, the documentary tells stories of overcoming, courage, friendship, and determination of young people who believed in a dream and accomplished the impossible.

Director: Daniel Baccaro

Producers: Daniel Baccaro, Guilherme Keller and Jean Paulo Lasmar

Executive Producer: Jean Paulo Lasmar

Associate Producers: Alberto Lopes and Jamie Mosberg

Original Story: Daniel Baccaro

Screenplay: Guilherme Keller

Research: Renato Barcellos

Production Director: Márcio Leal

Director of Photography: Pierre de Kerchove

Art Director: Daniel Pommella and Mateus de Paula

Original Music: Daniel Ganjaman and Mauricio Takara

Editing: Willem Dias

Cast: Bob Burnquist, Christian Hosoi, Cristiano Mateus, Danny Way, Lincoln Ueda, Sandro Dias and Tony Hawk

Co-Production: Miravista

Distribution: Buena Vista International

Production: Goma Filmes


Saturday 6/4 – 5 PM

Reflexões de Um Liquidificador (Reflections of a Blender)

Brazil 2010, 82’, HD

Los Angeles Premiere

This hilarious dark comedy examines a different kind of relationship- one between a woman and her talking blender. Elvira is in search of her missing husband and finds comfort and guidance in her appliance. The blender narrates the story, weaving between the current investigation and stories of Elvira with her husband told in flashbacks. Suddenly they work together to solve the case and find out what really happened to her husband.

Directed by André Klotzel

Produced by André Klotzel

Screenplay: José Antônio De Souza

Cinematography: Uli Burtin

Editor: Leticia Giffoni

Cast: Ana Lucia Torre, Fabiula Nascimento, Selton Mello

Festival: Newport

Avós (Grandmothers)

Brazil 2010, 12’, Super 8 – in Portuguese, Hebrew

Leo celebrates his tenth birthday. From one grandmother, he receives socks, from the other, underwear. From his Grandfather, Leo gets an old Super-8 camera and with it, he tells us of his attempts to change the gifts.

Directed by Michael Wahrmann

Produced by Michael Wahrmann & Juliana Vicente

Screenplay: Michael Wahrmann

Cinematography: Rodrigo Pastoriza

Editor: Luara Oliveira

Cast: Sidney Szaja Barmak, Gessy Fonseca, Lucélia Machiavelli

Festivals & Awards:

Best Short – Chicago, Amien

Berlin, Sao Paulo

Saturday 6/4 – 7 PM

Bollywood Dream

Brazil/India/USA 2011, 90’, HD – in Portuguese, Hindi, English

West Coast Premiere

Director Beatriz Seigner in attendance
Three Brazilian women hoping to make it in Bollywood are in for a rude awakening when their producer and their hotel reservations are AWOL when they arrive in India. Forced to fend for themselves, they find a teenage promoter whose lying and choreography skills give them the chance they were hoping for. The debut fictional feature from actress and writer Beatriz Seigner is a funny and moving story of culture clash and the power of music.

Directed by Beatriz Seigner

Produced by Ram Devineni, Fernando Fraiha

Screenplay: Beatriz Seigner

Cinematography: Beatriz Seigner

Editor: Renata Maria

Cast: Paula Braun, Nataly Cabanas, Sofia Campos, Mohana Krishna


Sao Paulo, Chicago, Amérasia Film Festival



Brazil 2010, 19’, 35mm

Director Anita Rocha da Silveira in attendance

Bia is a teenager just like any other: she's into rock, handball and blood.

Directed by Anita Rocha da Silveira

Produced by Filmes do Meio-Dia

Screenplay: Anita Rocha da Silveira

Cinematography: João Atala

Editor: Anita Rocha da Silveira

Cast: Luiza Baccelli, Victoria Zanetti, João Pedro Marinho, Lorena Comparato

Festivals & Awards:

Best Director – Curta Cinema, Rio

Oberhausen, Toulouse

Saturday 6/4 – 9 PM – Closing Night

Rosa Morena

Brazil/Denmark 2010, 86’, 35mm - in Portuguese, Danish, English

Los Angeles Premiere

Producers Eduardo Diogo Sallouti and Ivan Teixeira in attendance

In his forties, Thomas desperately wants to be a father. But as a single gay man in Denmark, he cannot legally adopt a child. So, he decides to visit an old friend in Brazil, where there is a thriving black market for adoption. Maria is beautiful, charming and pregnant, yet she is too poor to support her unborn child. The plan is simple: Thomas will pay Maria and bring her baby back to Denmark as his own. However, things get unhinged when Thomas becomes emotionally involved with the enchanting Maria. Touching on a myriad social issues, director Carlos Augusto de Oliveira’s Rosa Morena is also a story of affection. Provocative, entertaining and poignant, it resonates through the heartbreaking and heartwarming tale of two people trying to do the right thing for the child they both love.

Directed by Carlos Augusto de Oliveira

Produced by Thomas Gammeltoft, Astrid Hytten, Ivan Teixeira

Screenplay: Jens Dahl, Morten Kirkskov, Carlos Augusto de Oliviera

Cinematography: Philippe Kress

Editor: Anja Farsig

Cast: Anders W. Berthelsen, Iben Hjejle, David Dencik, Vivianne Pasmanter, Morten

Kirkskov, Barbara Garcia, Pablo Rodrigues, Georgina Castro

Festivals & Awards:

Best Film – 2010 Sao Paulo Int’l Film Festival & 2011 Cinequest

CPH:PIX, Torino, Marrakech


Closing Night Film

Bailão (The Ball)

Brazil 2010, 17’, 35mm

The memory of a generation visited by its characters. The scenario is the downtown of a large city. The theme is the urgency of life. And the Ball is the convergence point for all these stories.

Directed by Marcelo Caetano

Produced by Jurandir Müller, Marcelo Caetano, Flora Lahuerta

Screenplay: Marcelo Caetano

Cinematography: Julia Zakia

Editor: Guile Martins

Cast: Ivan Santos, Cacá Munhoz, Ricardo Rocha, Armando Nunes e Mozá Pinho

Festivals & Awards:

Best Short – Recife

Huelva, Sao Paulo, San Diego

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gas Station Moment with Greek Star Jake McDorman

It's kind of a funny story. I ran out of gas & some how made it to the gas station, he did too.I go closer to him & say: "Hey, did you run out of gas??Is that too cheesy to ask you to take a photo?I love your show, you and everything, ha ha ha". He says: "absolutely not, we can take a photo". That's how I met Jake McDorman from GREEK today.Love him...Very sweet guy!
For those who loved the TV Show GREEK as much as I did could never forget the importance of his face. Evan Chambers, one of our favorite characters on the show.Right??Yeahhh..Too bad the show is over. ABC Family just wrapped it up & the final episode was a BLAST.I was glued to the TV.Sad that I won't get to enjoy the show anymore.The show might be over but the GREAT memories will remain.
Hopefully we will get to see the star in another project soon.Nice meeting you Jake!!
For those who follow my blog daily, stay tunned,coming up soon a fun interview with Jack McDorman at!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Were the Best Dressed at the Cannes Film Festival 2011?

The question is, who was the best dressed at the Cannes Film Festival this year?

For those who don't really follow red carpet events,here is a bit about this event.The Cannes Film Festival is probably one of the most glamorous festival in the world. All the "A" list celebs attend & the fashion is absolutely breathtaking!It's kinda hard to pick the best dressed.Oh God, there were so many beautiful dresses to choose from this year,I can't even tell you which one was my favorite.Can you pick yours?Here is the deal,I made a selection of photos of dresses I thought were more interesting, more stylist and more glamorous.You make your pick and get inspired for the next big red carpet event you will attend :)








Elizabeth Banks Rocked the Red Carpet


My Best Dressed- Marchesa won!

Rachel McAdams 
Penelope Cruz


Alexander McQueen's Honored in Over The Top Gala Night -NY

The Biggest Night in all of Fashion!
The talented designer McQueen is not around us anymore but his style ,designs & history is very much alive in our minds. How come not??Look at all these unique-crazy-beautiful dresses!!To look good in his garments you better be a very fashion forward, open minded or some sort of big celebrity wanting to make a statement.His dresses are AMAZING.That's just my opinion! :)
The 2011 Costume Institute Gala night was held at the Metropolitan Museum,where they are keeping retrospective Alexander's work, in New York. Most of "A" list celebrities showed up dressed wonderfully.Some of them honored the designer wearing his creations and they certainly did make the red carpet much more magical.
Here are the highlights of the night:



JLO is wearing my favorite of the night! Designed by Gucci



BEYONCE IN PUCCI- The Worse of the Night