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Welcome to the fantastic world of Celine Dion!
Since EVER I have been her number one fan.Her music, her dance, her life style, her career and OF COURSE, HER WARDROBE.I have been looking for opportunities like this to just talk and write about Celine's fashion sense and about her classy style.She is really great. Here I am, with the chance I always wanted.I got "this job",which was given to me by Ms. Jackson, my history of Costume teacher, which all of us in class had to choose any icon we wanted to design a dress.We also have to specify where they would be using the dress and which period of time we had our dress influence by.
I believe the dream of any fashion designer is to be able to design a dress for their favorite star.Today we had our dream come true but the question is,was the dress I designed the perfect dress for Celine shine even more on stage??f??I really hope so.
When I was assigned to do this work, all I could think was my icon being Celine Dion.Come on, I've been in her concert like 3 times, by the way,best experience EVER!She is a complete package,she inspires me and a lot of people with her music, besides the fact she got great personality, amazing voice, wonderful stage presence and classiest taste someone can have.Totally fashion & classy.Love it!
Here is some of my favorites she has ever worn!

                                                            She Got Fantastic Style!!

Dressed by Favorite Designers

Her Style Inspires me. Working as a TV host and reporter most of the time I end up having to choose dresses to cover specific events.It's fun but it can be very challenging too. One thing that makes easier for me is the fact that I usually google Celine Dion name under evening gown and look for some inspiration.Here I found a perfect dress to host a Miss Brazil LA pageant last year. A typical Celine Dion look.Lots of Glamor & sparkle!

Greek Style Remains in!

My design to Celine Dion: After a lot of thinking I envisioned Celine on stage looking beautiful in those designs I made bellow.I am not very good at sketching but this is what I would like to see Celine Dion wearing in her concert.

Situation: I designed 3 different styles for her to do changes on stage. It's one of her concerts day and she will be looking like a goddess!

History: The main dress relates mostly to the Greek period.The Greek culture influences a lot of clothing we wear today.Modern dresses can be transformed to many different styles from old times, it can even be a classic yet with a touch of modernity or can be completely modern with the a touch of classic.That's what I tried to do in this dress. Celine plays a lot of roles, in this dress she suppose to look classy but she will bring her on style to make the look complete and a bit modern. Dresses influenced by Greeks are adored by everyone nowadays.They are simple and comfy to everybody,from a common person to a celebrity.Stars use them to walk the red carpet, be highlighted and that's exactly what Greeks used to do in their time. I believe their fashion influence will never die.Here are some of their styles that remain alive:
Drape patterns, one shoulder,jewelry with lot of gold, jeweled headband among others. She can totally pull it off and rock the house wearing my design!!

Concert Opening Dress
Front & Back

Close up

Concert Closing Dress

3 more Garments for Celine's Performance

How did I adapt Greek influence into my design?
I never really wanted to design only one dress for her.I wanted to design a main dress for the opening, a dress for 
closing and some other simple garments for her to use while performing.
For the main garment I used a lot of fabric so it can drap well and make my layers look good.She will wear lot of gold accessories to complete the look.
3 more simple garments were designed to be used during the show.

How will my pop star use the garment I designed?
She will be wearing it on stage while performing.


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