Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gas Station Moment with Greek Star Jake McDorman

It's kind of a funny story. I ran out of gas & some how made it to the gas station, he did too.I go closer to him & say: "Hey, did you run out of gas??Is that too cheesy to ask you to take a photo?I love your show, you and everything, ha ha ha". He says: "absolutely not, we can take a photo". That's how I met Jake McDorman from GREEK today.Love him...Very sweet guy!
For those who loved the TV Show GREEK as much as I did could never forget the importance of his face. Evan Chambers, one of our favorite characters on the show.Right??Yeahhh..Too bad the show is over. ABC Family just wrapped it up & the final episode was a BLAST.I was glued to the TV.Sad that I won't get to enjoy the show anymore.The show might be over but the GREAT memories will remain.
Hopefully we will get to see the star in another project soon.Nice meeting you Jake!!
For those who follow my blog daily, stay tunned,coming up soon a fun interview with Jack McDorman at!!

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