Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Em Clima de São João - Bakari's Party in LA & Campina Grande Festival in Brazil

It's time for the Biggest Festival in the Northeast of Brazil. 
Our Column starts this week by visiting a São João celebration in LA.I went to this amazing Brazilian party & had a blast with all the surprises. A lot of forró, typical food, fun people, Dj Chris Brazil and much more.We even tried having a big balloon just like we do in Brazil. The party was promoted by the guy we all love in our Brazilian community in LA,the famous Bakari.Good job my friend,It was a really fun night among friends!
Quase vestidas a caráter  :)

Bakari trying to succeed with the his big ballon

Here is more flashes of the party!!

My Gringos friends loved São João

 The Crowd & Decoration
 Bakari & I

Matutinhas lindas!
Isabelle,eu e as Patricias :)

 Turma animada!!
Dj Chris Brazil
Veronica arrazou no modelito!!

That was some of the fun we had at the party!!

After my Los Angeles celebration of São João, I flew to Brazil,I couln't help it, I had to go to the real São João after 7 years living in LA. I finally visited Campina Grande again, the city that hosts: O maior São João do Mundo!
The photos are the best way to describe the experience!

Parque do Povo- Campina Grande- Pb- Brazil 

Friends & Family

 Love them!

Greatest Moments
 Eu & Katia Freire- The best Makeup artist in the world!
Warm up Party!

My beautiful pregnant syster & I :)

 Fun Moments!

Let's go to a different place now,Villa Forró!

Live forró bands,typical food,bonfire, firework & Much more! 

Delicious food made with a lot of corn!

 In the middle of the crowd- Show de Bruno e Marrone
Show de Bruno e Marrone. Muito bom!
The crew!

My sister & I!

The best part is the Celebration with my big  Family, you ready?

Mom,my sister & I
They are Soooooooooooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
My outfit!!

The Food!

Family is everything to me!!

 Manoela will be born soon.I'm so excited!

 Grandma, we love you!

 Afilhado lindo!

E este foi o são João da Familia Claudino!