Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Interview with Dr Rey - The Great Moments

Hi everybody,
Today I felt like posting videos that were important to me.
I had someone special in mind that I have interviewed, and I decided to bring the video back to share with you.I really like him and you probably too..not only because of his kindness but also because of his amazing sence of humor and great energy. Here is Dr 90210, Dr Robert Rey.Brazilian in his blood, soul & everything else... a great guy.
A year ago Sete Magazine went to visit the private practice of this Brazilian personality, that is considered one of the most famous plastic surgeons in the world and also a very popular reality star.
Our interview was a blast. Dr Rey received our really well at his office.
This video is a way of me showing how much fun we had during our visit there.The greatest moments caught on camera. Hope you like it!

Sete Magazine Crew - Miguelito, Daniel  Ferreira & I

Interview party 1- Dr  Rey

              Interview part 2- Dr Rey Health Tips

He also gave me the honor of accepting my invitation to be one of our judges for the Miss Brazil LA pageant 2010.We've got to confess, nobody does the job better than him.He even helped me to host the event :), Thanks Dr  Rey.You rock! 
Here is the video with the interview I did with him during the pageant, and also our exclusive interview with our favorite band touring in CALIFORNIA, Brothers of Brazil.

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