Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Special Graduation Day - Fashion Design Accomplishment!!

Hello my fabulous people,

Happy graduation today!! I finally did it!! Yeahhh.. Exciting day for me, SERIOUSLY!!
Mom is in town since my debut fashion show last week, and I must confess, it's AWESOME having her here. All I've been doing is driving her around taking care of last minute details of my graduation that just happened today and also spending lots of time together shopping, talking and visiting amazing places in LA.
She mainly came to be here for my special day and I couldn't be HAPPIER!
I just wanted to share this very cute shot of me and my good friend Michelli Buback during the walk ceremony today,she actually was the one who encouraged me to do the Fashion Design course at LATTC, and here we are today celebrating our accomplishment!!
Cheers to that!!


Mi said...

Show Gi! Congrats!!! Foi super legal passar por essa experiencia com vc!

About this Blog said...

Same here amiga. Cheers!!!!!