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Giselle Claudino for BDCI TV - Weekly Fashion Spotlight

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How to Wear Crop Clothing

LOS ANGELES (BDCi) -- One more week has passed by and here we are again sharing FASHION TIPS with you.  Are you ready to give an upgrade to your style this week?

As you know, our Fashion Spotlight Column brings to you weekly the latest trend in the industry and tips of how to combine them into your wardrobe. For the past few weeks we touched upon the most recent colors, fringe and mullet style. 

What do I mean by that? Let me explain a bit better.  I am talking about cropped pieces.  It'stime to show a little more skin.

The cropped trend was very popular in the 80's. Now it's back in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Have you looked at any fashion magazines lately? The cropped pieces are grabbing people’s attention and once they see it around in magazines, stores, web stores and in celebrities wearing on the red carpets, trust me, it becomes another fever. 

This great style is back and the upgraded version of it, it's just wonderful. What used to look old fashion now is super updated. Isn't it funny? Also, the 50's decade was a big influence to the crop style that we have today. Don't worry, even though the 50's remind all of us of the super old, just like the 80's did, we are not going to look like grandmas. Most designers really know what they doing.  

According to the fashion site Million of Looks, the style is to look classy and elegant, not vulgar at all. So, the fact that is cropped to a certain degree, it doesn't necessary means that it will lose the beauty, it is quite the opposite. It will gain more beauty because what's missing in one place will be added in a different one. If the top is super cropped, the skirt can have a super high waist. Makes sense right? In the end it all balances out!

We all love to see our favorite celebrity wearing the hot trends. I know. I feel the same way too. It gives us a little taste of it before we even try. Also, it encourages us to be a bit more daring!

The Spring/Summer Crop Fashion Trend is so far kicking off the Red Carpet really well. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, AnnaLynn McCord ,Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning were seen around looking stunning in their choices of cropped clothing!

So, are you ready to embrace the crop trend?  Get inspired right now by looking at the pictures I chose to share with you guys! Stars and models that rocked the cropped style!

Like I said before, fashion has no limits! We all know that it is good to clean out our closets, but honestly, keep the good pieces; we never know when the trend might come back!

See you guys next week with one more fashion hot topic!

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By Giselle Claudino
Edited by Janete Weinstein


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