Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Night to Remember - Celine Dion in Vegas

Hello my fabulous people,

What a day!!!!! Today I'm in Vegas to go see my favorite singer, Celine Dion. MY DIVA! 
I experienced this amazing concert for the 4th time and I must confess: 4 times is not enough for me still.. hahahaha... No kidding!! I can go over and over again and never get tired!!

Now Let's Talk about the Details of the Night!!

OMG! Everything was SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL. I have barely any words left to describe what I saw tonight.  Starting from the seats we got, they were perfect. We sat PRETTY CLOSE to Celine and it made my experience much MORE SPECIAL. 
Comparing the others times I came to see her at the Colosseum to now, lots of things has changed in her show. Since Celine is now a mother 3, the twins and also a mother of a 10 year old boy, I believe she is taking it easy by doing a much more mellow show. Don't get me wrong, the show is far from bad or boring but it is very different compare to what it use to be. 
Now Celine is more careful and only sings and does wardrobe changes. No more dancers on stage or herself dancing with her group. What a change!!
The show besides much more mellow and calm, was also much more classy. It was more romantic, intimate and more focused on her versus the whole thing. No more overwhelming stuff it seems like. I did not see objects moving on stage or people flying around like previously.
Well, I guess it's not necessarily a good or bad thing, is just different and new. 
It's a night to remember. Her voice is absolutely amazing, her performance and charisma is still impeccable, and the show (even though completely renovated to another level) still continues to bring people from all over the world and amaze them. 
Can't forget to mention her FASHION. Her wardrobe was BEAUTIFUL. 5 wardrobe changes. most long evening gowns. A sparkling dress to open the night, a beautiful one shoulder solid white, a sparkling black dress with a big side opening, a gold short sparkling with lots of fringe, and to close the night, a ocean blue flowy empire dress. She looked gorgeous from head to toe in every single dress she wore. 
A round of applause also to her back up singers, musicians , orchestra and stage design.. Together it all looked like IMAGINATION, that's how perfect it was!!
Totally worth the money... 
I'm happy to have gone again and I encourage EVERYBODY to experience CELINE DION live!! 

Here are all the shots I secretly took tonight - I almost got caught!! It's extremely prohibited to photograph during her performance... but I DID IT!!

 This is the only photo I pulled from the internet so you guys can see more clear one of the 5 looks she wore, it's just a better photo!!! The rest I took on the venue tonight!

 Celine's husband stopped for couple of pictures.. he forgot to bring Celine, hahahha
 Some members of my family & I!

 My special dress picked for this occasion : Mullet black and white with a black and gold belt - Shoes, purse and jewelry matching with the look. Thanks to Charlene k for this charming bracelet complementing my outfit!!


Anonymous said...

Great secret photos Gi!
I don't like Celine Dion not even a little but I get it!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Thank you for share! :) These photos are from June 13, 2012 right? ´Cos she didn´t performed on June 14.... ;)

About this Blog said...

Yes, it was from June 13!!Loved ittttt