Monday, June 18, 2012

My 5 Star Spa Day! Le Posh Experience

Hello my fabulous people,

After a very busy week of birthday celebrations and an amazing Celine Dion concert in Vegas, I now have some free time to seat, write and share with you guys one of my most relaxing and enjoyable experiences of this year. My first full spa experience. 
As a blogger, I get to go check out new places, shows, concerts, try new foods, products and much more. But none of the stuff I've experienced was like spending the day on a 5 star spa. I'm talking about THE BEST SPA!

Le Posh is the place to be when we are talking about finding the best beauty services, products, treatments and much more. Le Posh Salon and Spa reminds me of the Posh car. A combination of sophistication and luxuriousness .
It's a great experience from the moment you get there to the time you leave. Seriously!
I discovered this magical place through a friend, the photographer Tim Sabatino. After he told me about it, I went for a visit and totally fell in love with the place.
Honestly it's a pretty incredible Spa. The place is stunning. Every room is very unique, and you have to go there to see it for yourself. 
In my recently visit to Le Posh, I had to try out the services I really was in need for. What an experience, I must say. OMG! I loved every single thing I got done. I left there another woman after the amazing massage I had, manicure, pedicure and hair wash - blow dry!!
Here is my advice for your first LE POSH visit: Start with a good hour of massage, pick the best one for you out of their many options. Also try their facials. Don't forget to get your manicure and pedicure done, and in the end the day, after you are all relaxed, try their amazing hair wash/blow dry. You won't regret!!
Remember: Like me, chances are, you will have an unforgettable experience too. Take the day off and go do what every woman deserve, GET A FULL SPA DAY. 
The good news is, it's a full spa not only for women but also to men too!

Visit LE POSH SPA website and schedule your appointment now:
Here are the best shots of my visit to the Spa!
My amazing day at Le Posh!
Photos by Flavio Gois


 Picking the best color for my manicure!!

Pedicure experience - AMAZING! 


 Products Selection: From nail polish to hair and skin products - They have a great variety
 Hanging out by the lounge - Wireless and Coffee offered
 Massaging chair while I'm getting my hair washed
A Great Blow Dry

 Interviewing some of the staff


Le Posh is located on 7551 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles
CA, 90046.  Opens Tuesday - Friday from 10am - 7pm, 
Saturdays from 9am - 7pm. Phone: 323- 851- 5558


Stela Dimitrov said...

It looks like you had a head-to-toe 5-star spa experience! The place looks great too. I have been longing to get a massage and reading this makes me want to go to a spa now!

Stela Dimitrov

Tracy said...

Seems like you had an amazing experience..Lovely photos of the spa..
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Keira Martins said...

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