Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Full Interview with the Amazing Photographer Lucia Viana - Coming up soon!

Hello my fabulous people,

Stay tuned for the most unique pictures you have ever seen. Photos taken by the talented Brazilan Lucia Viana. I'm sure you've heard of her..Her work is absolutely AMAZING. We girls LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!! Besides a great fashion stylist, she is also a awesome sensitive photographer with great skills.I promise the photos you are about to see will speak for themselves. 
I want to hear what you guys think....
A full interview with Lucia and photos of our Beach Day Catalog shoot will be posted here soon. Stay tuned!
I've had the honor to be photographed by so many great male photographers, now it's time for the female photographers conquer the world .. This one totally did!!
Here is a Sneak Peek of our shoot!

Giselle Claudino by Lucia Viana - Santa Monica Beach!
Giselle Claudino & Elizandra Dutra by Lucia Viana

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