Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas & New Years in Hollywood Style -Looks to Impress

Hello my Fabulous People!!

How was Christmas???Hope it was really awesome.I had the honor to have most of my family members celebrating it together.It was fun and entertaining as always, and the party didn't stop till the next day very late in the night. Yeah,my family Christmas spirit is very animated.No time to be bored.I'm still recovering from the thousands of plays we had going on during our family festivities.
Anyways, 1 day left for 2012, how you feeling about 2011 being already gone? I definitely feel that I can use a totally new year NOW.So,let the new year begin.2011 was a pretty tough year for me.Too many classes, too many hours at school...lots of stress and lots of going on in other aspects of my life.But I am here, smiling and strong as I should be.I feel extremely blessed to be healthy,blessed to have amazing friends, family and to be able to do what I love..God helps me daily to keep my faith and to be a better person, so all I want to say is THANKS TO HIM for one more year. I am very thankful for all I experienced and hope that I've learned the lessons of 2011:)
Happy 2012 my dear followers and friends.I do appreciate you all  being part of my life by being around me and by coming to my blog!
Since I started school all I think is fashion.Fashion all day everyday.It's fair that I post the outstanding looks for Christmas and New years that I picked. Among dresses, pants and suits.. Here they are!Cheers!

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