Monday, December 5, 2011

Delicious Dessert for Christmas by Nohemi Guzman

Mimi, Chef Nelly & I

Hello my fabulous people!!
If you haven't tried the delicious Jellos by Nohemi Guzman yet, you are missing out BIG TIME.
She is a young friend of mine with an enormous talent to bake and make delicious desserts. Her main thing is JELLOS/GELATINS. They are not only delicious but also SO BEAUTIFUL. You can see yourself, the pictures show how amazing her work is.
I had the chance to go to her the grand opening of her shop couple weeks ago and it was an amazing experience. I met Chef Nelly, which mentored Mimi, and tried tons of delicious Jellos made my my dear friend :)
The best news is, if you would like to learn how to do it yourself, you just found an opportunity.Since she just opened her shop in LA,you can learn weekly how to make THOSE AMAZING EATABLE GELATINS very quickly.Honestly,it's a pretty good idea to make some nice dessert for the up coming holidays.Jellos are actually great for any occasion. Can you imagine a Christmas JELLO?? Hummmm!!
Here is some highlights of the party!!
 Some of her Creations for her Business Grand Opening Party!!AWESOME ART!

 I love every single Jello in this table!!

Mimi and I

I got her a little gift for LUCK!
Mimi has been making gelatins for over 2 years now.She learned the technique with Chef Nelly who is famous for doing/teaching amazing Jellos/gelation in Mexico and all over US.In my opinion it was just about time for Mimi have her own shop and teach people what she does best, JELLO! If you would like to learn and also purchase the products to make it yourself, you can contact Mimi directly or check out Chef Nelly's website for more info. This week they are both at the knott's Berry Farm Hotel giving classes.
More photos of the party:

Everybody got a cupcake to go :)
Hand made by Mimi Guzman!

Here,check it out:

More of her AMAZING ART!!

Distribuidora Los Angeles address:

6018 Whittier blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022

Phone: (323)406-7108 

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