Friday, December 30, 2011

Brazilian Writer & Reporter Mayra Dias Gomes for Inked Magazine - SO COOL!

Dear Fabulous people,
Like you might know,it's the anniversary of Fabulous Channel.It's been 1 year since we exists.We have been out and about covering the coolest events in LA, including Brazilian events, red carpets,shows and interviewing very unique artists like the one we have here today.
The Sky is the Limit for this carioca girl!!
We chose the Brazilian writer and reporter Mayra Dias Gomes to be crowned the outstanding girl of the year for all her great accomplishments in US and in Brazil as an artist. She is a mix of several talents: She reports, she writes, she acts and the models as well. All we have to do is to keep cheering for her so she can keep making Brazil looks sexier and sexier. Cheers!!
Here is her photos for the Brazilian Magazine Inked. She looks AMAZING!!
Piece wrote by Thiago Perin!

More of Mayra Dias Gomes!

Giselle Claudino Interviewing Mayra at the 2011 LABRFF!

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