Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wishing you guys a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Brazil

Hello my fabulous people,
It's never too late to give you guys my best wishes in this time of the year.Here is me with my family in Brazil.What a wonderful Christmas I had.I hope you were all filled with the same joy I was.It is priceless being with your loved ones.Merry Christmas!
I put together a little something,it's a positive message to share great vibes we all can start 2012 feeling amazingly great. It's important to be very thankful for all we have in life and celebrate the fact that we are alive.
Ps. Don't forget that family and true friends are the reasons why we are in this world.As a reminder,we are here to exchange love, affection and great energy.. also, to help each other, serve those in need and give a hand to anybody asking for one!
Mom, sister & I - Christmas Night

The Newest Member of my Family,Manoella.I just adore her:)Bem vinda ao mundo minha linda,a tia dar as boas vindas a ti nesse seu primeiro natal na terra!!

My Christmas gift from Photographer Tim Sabatino.Loved it!
There is more of this shooting to come. Stayed Tunned!

Cheers to the up coming year my dear friends!Xoxo


Nani Bergman said...

Wow, your mom and sis look just like you! Cute family and even cuter Manoella! Congrats

Anonymous said...

Love your Pics! Gisele Ambrosio.