Monday, January 2, 2012

CarnaHalloween Video Coverage.Perfect way to welcome the Brazilian Carnival!

Hello my Fabulous People,

To start 2012 with the greatest VIBE IN THE WORLD, here is an AWESOME VIDEO to bring back great memories of 2011!Full on camera coverage of Andrea Ferraz CarnaHalloween. She rocked the red carpet welcoming her guests and friends with her amazing costume and spirit.Cheers!
It's never too late to post a NEW video. Due to editing problems, this video took too long to be posted but here it is.Beautiful people with amazing VIBE and lots of great interviews.I hope you all enjoy watching the dances, the costumes,the music, the drinks and the fun parts of the night.. and with this get inspired to get ready for THE REAL CARNIVAL NEXT MONTH. 
The CarnaHalloween was a mix of the Halloween celebrations and Carnival, so, perfect warm up for what's is coming next in line.Yeah, viva ao Brazil!!
Congrats to Andrea Ferraz for the amazing party you put together!!

Photos Daniel Ferreira & Livia Wippich!
Images by Andy B.
Biz Biz and Biz!!Some of the Highlights of the Night!

Charlene K Jewelry - Love the pearl style

Happy 2012 from Fabulous Channel!!

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Andrea Ferraz said...

YOU ROCK, GISELE! Thank you for your support and for your beautiful energy. Kisses and a happy 2012 full of gorgeous event coverages like this one! CHEERS!!!