Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Magazine of January/February 2012 Edition is Simply Breaking Records!

The Question about her photoshoot is, was it too mild for Playboy viewers? Was it sensual enough for the men in general?Did you buy the Lindsay Lohan version of  Marylin Monroe? Hum, see yourself and make the judgment if she really made it work.
People can say whatever they want but the photos look absolutely AMAZING, classy and CHIC in my opinion. Even with the fact that they were nude ones.
Lindsay photographs so well, she can kick ass in fashion or commercial, and mainly, she is such a talented actress that her troubled personal life does not matter,at least to me. Everybody has bad phases and sooner or later she will find herself, learn from her mistakes..just like most of us... meanwhile she keeps making BANK. Just with this Playboy issue of January/February 2012, Hefner is celebrating the fact that her Playboy sales are over the top, it´s about to be the second best seller of all time!Can you believe it??
Awesome!!Here are more photos. Check it out.
Confira o ensaio!

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Mi said...

She looks amazing!!!
When a actress decide to do Playboy I think they need to make sure it looks sexy but not dirty...And I think her photos are very appropriate... She looks gorgeous as Marilyn!
I loved, specially the Cover!!!