Monday, October 31, 2011

Charlene Kay Made my Halloween Much More Fashionable!

Pendants, bracelets, rings and much more can be seen in my series of photos taken in my Halloween festivities this year. Only Charlene Kay can rock my look the way that I can rocking roll, I can be a good girl or a very sexy girl. Check it out!!
Photos by Daniel Ferreira

Greek Goddess Costume with Charlene Kay Pendant
 My Very First Creation. I Hand made this dress and styled with the accessories in 2 hours.I love doing it!!i Don't like scary outfits myself but I could create something beautiful that has to do with my personality and that I am proud of :)
Costume for the Brazilian Halloween Party @ the W Hotel
               Pendant to die for. Love how it complemented my look!
 Giselle Claudino with Miss Brazil Congeniality Usa 2010 Elizandra Dutra and Miss Brazil Promoter Ariel Del Mundo!

Rock Star Costume with Charlene Kay Silver Pendant & Bracelet

Rocking with Charlene Kay at the Playboy Mansion
Playboy Mate all hand painted- Sexy!!

Giselle Claudino @ Carnahalloween Party Wearing Pearl Collection by Charlene Kay!!

 Giselle Claudino Interviews The Amazon Spirit (Up Coming Movie) Actor Don Jeanes for Fabulous Channel!!
Love my Pearl Accessories!!
Covering Carnahalloween for FABULOUS Channel :)
Kids Halloween Party with Charlene Kay Bracelet!

Giselle Claudino with Interior Designer Tiziana Mitchell
Being a Pirate was fun too!
That was some of the outfits I wore in this Year's Halloween Festivities.Much more coverage to come!
Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

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