Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Party Celebrations - Kids are our Inspiration!!!

Halloween is around the corner and I must confess that it is definitely one of my favorite Holidays of the year.How fun is to be able to dress up and be whatever you want!!??
This year I have many parties to attend and I have to be very creative when it comes to choosing my costumes. I have been wondering and thinking of what I want to be and finally great ideas came to me this weekend.I went to a Kid Pre Halloween party Saturday, a party at architect Tiziana Alessandro Mitchel beautiful house to celebrate her son's 6th birthday .The party was a huge inspiration for me.Saw the kids and their parents all dressed up very creatively and made me happy to also find out that instead of birthday gifts  Tiziana asked all her guests to bring a donation for the UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital.
Here are the CLICKS of the party!!!

Brazilian Pirate & the Smart Parrot

Pick your Favorite Costume & make it for your age to use at this year's Halloween Party :)
The Hosts in their Cute Costumes
The Decoration

Kids Costumes

I love this Family.Cheers! Hope you guys got inspired for Halloween after this!

Love my Pirate Outfit!

Up next we have our beautiful flyer with all the info you need to know about our Charity Halloween party coming up this Saturday.You better be ready!

It's time for the Brazilian Halloween party AGAIN. This is exactly what we gonna be doing this year: Whoever was invited to attend will happily donate $15 to help those in need.Livia Wippich is putting together for the third year this amazing Charity Halloween Costume party that brings very awesome people together for a great cause.I'm helping to organize the event and can't wait to see you all there hanging out with us, tasting great food,trying some tasty drinks by VeeV Vodka,drinking Fruki GuaranĂ¡ and much more! Hope you are ready to show up with your creative costume! Don't forget,it's November 5th,save the date and you can RSVP by sending us your name! We selected some shots to show you a bit of what happened in last year's party!

Gipsy Theme!!

Special Thanks to Livia for the Initiative
See you all Saturday!!Cheers!!

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stevenjared0853 said...

Such fantastic Halloween Party Celebrations are stunning. I loved each and everything that has been shown here. These crafts and other arrangements are looking so scary but I am glad that kiddos enjoyed everything. My kids are also forcing me to host a family Halloween weekend party at some local event space Chicago. I’ll definitely use some of these ideas!