Sunday, October 9, 2011

Giselle Claudino for Yane Mode-The Knit Brand Wants to conquer Hollywood!

Yane Mode Featuring the most confortable and beautiful Jersey Knit dresses!!

                          Who is Yan Fong?
Hello everybody,I  met this young designer not to long ago. She found my blog while browsing and ask if I could feature her brand here. I said:"Sure,why not?,it's my pleasure " and here we are. We ended up meeting up, talking a lot and doing a quick & simple photoshoot at the Café Entourage.I was photographed using most of the pieces she had at the 3rd Annual fffashion- the fur free fashion design competition promoting the ethical and environmental benefits of foregoing fur fashions, it's an event by Born Free USA.
I got interested in writing about the brand because I could see the potential of Yan Fong as a designer.I am a student of fashion design myself and I see how hard is to put beautiful and comfortable garments together. Her brand is named YANE MODE,a high-end independent brand with class and taste. The word MODE in French stands for FASHION, and her creations are focused in the delicate draping technique which forms womens body shape perfectly.
In most of the pictures that we did, you can see how the fabric is draped in a way that accentuates the curves.I JUST LOVED IT!
They all have soft and confortable fabric.I not only approved it but also got mine,a black long gown(as you see bellow)ready for my next RED CARPET event!
See photos of the fashion show bellow!

3rd Annual fffashion Fur Free Show

How about this blue Cowl Style Dress?One of my Favorites!
This Dress was also part of the 3rd Annual Fur Free fffashion Competition

But the red Rose one got the prize.Second place.Congrats Yan Fong!!

About the dress: 

Garment Description:

Inspirited by animal skinned alive, the bloody red over the skin surface. Warning message to the folk "stop bloody fur!" Ruffles as skin texture and red as bloody color. The dress is comfort,easy care, feminine which means less resource need during the process as a green fashion.

Types of Materials:

Jersey Knit in red,to presents real blood from animals skinned alive. There is no other material used for this dress as less is more. Greater variety of sizing avoid extra usage of resources.

The black short Sexy Dress also had it's Moment on the Cat Walk...

Yan Back Stage with the Models

More of her Amazing Designs:
OMG DRESS!! Stunning!

If you wish to know more about Yane Mode Brand,access:

My special thanks to Café Entourage for letting us photograph in such a beautiful Location!

Definitely a good place to Eat and Have Drinks!


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