Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dinner Night with Chef/Model Larissa Costa

Larissa Costa & her Sensational Culinary in Los Angeles

A Star Raises!! 
The Brazilian Model/ chef Larissa Costa is conquering the City of Angels!

I'm honored to share with all of you guys a great ONE ON ONE interview and photos of delicious dishes made by a chef/model  friend of mine, Larissa Costa, that has been conquering high end paladar into her cooking world in Los Angeles.
The secret??
I guess a combination of her magical hands and her good taste for food. Ah, also, having no cooking classes on her resume can be a secret too!
You must be wondering, how come,right?
Well, she is that good that no classes are necessary. That's my opinion!
She established her way to cook by creating her own style. That's what is so unique about her culinary!

You would not believe how her food taste like. Seriously!

I was at one of her weekly "Dinner nights", which consists in her arriving at the dinner's house and start cooking from scratch (coming up with a new recipe while she is cooking).
Pretty crazy, huh?
Her goal each dinner? Surprise the guests and herself with the results of the food!

Well, let me tell you about this specific dinner that Larissa cooked that I went.
It took place at Michael Scott's house. A beautiful house on the hills, huge rooms, everything else so gorgeous, including the kitchen. 
I got there and Larissa started setting up the tools and ingredients for her to initiate the journey. We started to talk a lot.I learned so much about her by talking and watching. I even helped her a little big. hahahahah. An assistant is always necessary (LOL).
After hours of cooking, tasting and embellishing plates, she was done!

I'm not surprised, she did not disappoint me with the dinner, the opposite, she actually surpassed all my expectations and everybody's else too. It tasted absolutely delicious.
The pictures are attached bellow along with our interview!

One thing important to remember:
Not everybody can cook and impress famous actresses, directors, producers and big business men, but Larissa can. 
So, the sky is the limit for this girl!

The model/chef is managed by Marina Masowietsky, that keeps her busy and in the right direction in her modeling/chef career!

I believe it's all about believing in yourself, knowing the right people, being in right place and in time. That's what happened to Larissa!

Here is our full interview:



The best food I ever tast, wonderful, fresh, and very healthy:-) love it

Aryadne Bryant said...

adorei as unhas feitas!!! essa eh a minha menina. =)