Monday, August 6, 2012

Brazilian Blow Dry Bar Photoshoot Day - Behind the Scenes

Hello my fabulous people,

Are you guys enjoying our sunny summer so far?
I hope you are, because I've a lot to tell you about my summer. Starting from the story of my Sunday today!
If you love beautiful boats/ yachts you would've loved the boat ride I had today. For sure it was a day to remember. Tons of adrenaline happened while we were in the middle of the ocean! 
It was a gorgeous day out and we took advantage of the sun to do a bikini photoshoot for the Brasilian Blow Dry Bar ,a brand new hair salon at Sunset Plaza area.
You guys might be asking, what a bikini photoshoot has to do with a beauty salon specialized in blow dry, right?
Oh well, all I can say is: It's all about Brazil. Brazilian hair, blow dries, hair-dos, braids and Brazilian girls, of course. So, the results are SURPRISE till the real photos come up! 
Fabulous channel can kill a bit of your curiosity by giving you  a sneak peek of what we shot today. 
Behind the scenes photos by Giselle Claudino
Models: Elizandra Dutra and Raira Matos.

Odete & I

Getting ready inside the boat

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