Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Brazilian Summer Beauty Pageant this Saturday - Don't Miss out!

Hello my fabulous people,

Before I even start talking about this coming Saturday Summer Beauty's pageant, I want to give you guys a bit update of where I am.
I was confirmed and excited to be one of the judges for the Brazilian Summer Beauty  but I had to rush to Chicago for a last minute adventure, so, here I am.
Even out of town till Sunday, I want to show my support to this event that shows lots of my country's culture and beauty.
You can't miss out:  Lots of gorgeous Brazilian girls and fun!

Check out the performers for the 2012 Brazilian Summer Beauty Pageant, this Saturday 08/11/2012 @ Samba Lounge in Redondo Beach. 
For more info, please visit:
Members of Batuke Axe have also confirmed their support!!

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