Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Visit to Chicago - A Wonderful City

Hello my fabulous people,

Here I am for the first time in Chicago, IL. What a wonderful place!
This city is so beautiful that I would even consider living here. 
That's how much I fell in love with it!
People are so nice, sweet and friendly.... The city is HUGE, but the good news is: it's calm and clean. It's a smaller and less hectic than NY, which I also love.
Since I love fashion, I've looked around and noticed that besides lots of tourists walking around, we see lots of business men and women walking around in dressy suits. No fashion forward outfits seen yet!!! 
Well, here are some photos of my first and second day here. So far so great!
I'm enjoying the weather more than anything else just because I'm Brazilian and I absolutely love the heat!
Thanks to Mimi Guzman (this amazing baker friend of mine) for inviting me to come along in this adventurous trip. She rocks! 
We've been lucky to be surrounded by people who is glad to show us all the wonderful Chicago famous spots. We are definitely having a blast together!
Here are all the places we've visit so far!

Come to Chicago for your next vacation. I recommend!!! 

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Vanessa Asprino said...

Gi, adorei!! As suas fotos estão ficando maravilhosas.