Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oscar Red Carpet 2012 por Giselle Claudino - Special guests

February 26, Oscar day.What a day! 
I know today is not 26 but I still want to share a bit of what this day was like for me and my crew. I remember getting ready for the red carpet in the morning. I recall how crazy was to look pretty at 7am.I must do hair, make up and still had to manage to make my gown fit on my own body. I lost weight and the dress is falling. Among so many dresses I make the decision to wear the one I love the most, the wine color brand new dress I brought from Brasil. 

It was the perfect occasion to wear it,but I wasn't sure how it would look on camera. No event is more special than the Oscars and I had to make sure I was secure about my choice. 
There I was, 9am at the Kodak Theater ready to interview all those who were working hard to make the Oscars look amazing for more one year.I was representing the Brazilian Channel Rede TV! I couldn't have had any more fun. I was working but the passion is so big that becomes work + fun. How cool is that?

Among, cameras, reporters, hosts, media from all over the world and beautiful gowns I froze and thought: "Where do I start?"It's so much to do in little time. 
In no time I started and things were flowing, then I interviewed my guess speaker Mayra Dias Gomes, which besides being a reporter is also a writer. She knew how to give the best predictions about winners, and she was right about most of it.

Then we had my co- host Dr Robert Rey. Oh man, he is something. A true character that came along to make things much more fun for my coverage. It was no longer my coverage but OUR COVERAGE. 
The results are here.. Many great photos, a video teaser and a full length video coming up soon!
For those in Brasil that were watching Rede TV today, they had the change to see a bit of our coverage on nacional  TV at the TV FAMA show. That's great news!

Dr Robert Rey with me

Jewelry by Charlene K

 Daniel Ferreira, Mayra Dias Gomes & I

Mayra Dias Gomes

Photos by Daniel Ferreira and Kevin Kirkpatrick

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