Monday, March 26, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme Party - Mi's Chic Bash

Hello my Fabulous people,

Talking about chic, I had a awesome Friday.
I needed to get inspired and put together the perfect outfit to attend to Breakfast at Tiffany's party :)
I picked a A line black dress full of flowers, silver necklace, old fashion shoes, black gloves, and of course I had an updo!
I had the chance to dress up and hang out with some of my dearest Brazilian friends.What else would I wish for? Nothing right?
Yeah, all that to say happy birthday to my good friend Mi which by the way was looking stunning.
Enough with the talking and let's go directly to the party details. 
Before showing you guys the photos I want to mention how every single detail of the party was beautiful.The cup cakes, the candies, the balloons, everything in Tiffany blue ,Owww, so cute!! Mi is very creative when it comes planning the details and I can not forget to comment about her fashion. She wore not one or two outfits, she wore three. LOVED every single one! And the three of them were inspired by Holly, character played by Audrey Hepburn, at the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's movie.If you haven't watch it yet and would love to learn about some classic fashion.. you must!
Ah, almost forgot to mention, all the guests deserve congratulations too, they all looked amazing dressed up!
Hope you like the photos!!
Photos by Daniel Ferreira
Happy Birthday Mi!

 Mi and I

Table and details!

The Happy Birthday Moment!

Birthday girl look one!

Look two!

Look Three!

Friends,Outfits and Special Moments Caught on Camera


Mi said...

Gi adorei o posting ficou fofo!

About this Blog said...

The party was amazing :) Beijocas