Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Supla - Brothers of Brazil Rocked the Rack Tonight!!

Hello my Fabulous people!!

What a crazy amazing night tonight!! Seriously!!
We were celebrating the life of someone really special,the King of the Rocking N' Roll,SUPLA.
Tonight The Brothers put on an awesome show, I mean, it was THE SHOW!!
The RACK was completely full tonight, but not only full of people, FULL OF FRIENDS. SO COOL!
It was such a fun night!! The Brothers of Brazil rules wherever they go.
I'm kinda suspect to talk about them because I absolutely LOVE their music, their vibe, there EVERYTHING, haha, true though!They both are my good friends and I'm thankful they are around enough for me to see them I'm happy they have brought their great music to America too. Hell yeah!!Gringos LOVE THEM as well, how they could not,right??
Tonight Supla and Joao Suplicy even had guests sharing the stage with them: Liza, Andrea Ferraz and Wagner Fulco did a great job up there!
The Brothers made the crowd go nuts one more time with their craziness, with their music, with their Bossa Rock and with their FUCKING AWESOME PERSONALITY.
It was nice to see Supla getting super excited about having all his friends their to sing happy birthday to him.
It was for sure a special night. And I'm glad my blog was there to get it all on camera!
Congrats Supla, congrats Brothers of my dear Brazil!!
Thanks for the photos Daniel Ferreira.You rock too my friend!

  Time to Blow the candles my Dear Friend!!

Time to distribute the Cup Cakes Around!!

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