Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tim Sabatino Exhibition Tonight was a SUCCESS! Amazing Art & Photography

WHAT A NIGHT!!It's not even fair to describe how was the exhibition tonight.Only by seeing with your own eyes to be able to see how much talent TIM has. He started as a artist and became a photographer by accident.Can you believe it? Now a days he is a known celeb/fashion photographer and I was honored to be shot by him :)
Tonight was a night to gather friends, music, art ,fashion and mainly photography & art. He mixes both of them really well. He had his new piece exposed to all the guests see it and it was for sure the MOST TALKED ABOUT PIECE OF THE NIGHT. The masterpiece was huge, heavy and it took the entire wall.It looked stunning, I must confess.The description of the piece is: a portrait of the singer Olivia Newton-John and her dog Jack. Tim has been photographed Olivia in the past and now it's time to surprise her with this amazing PIECE OF ART!
The Highlights of the Night
 Tim Sabatino, wife Gwendoline Sabatino and guests

His Art/photography - Exhibition

 A Sweet Host!
 More Art!

 More Guests!


 My favorite!


 Entertaining Night with Live Percussion and laughter 

One of the guests was wearing AMAZING SHOES- FASHION & ART REALLY GOES TOGETHER :)

 The Action Never Stops with Me!!

 I was wearing this amazing purple ring by Charlene K!
 Just love my Purple Ring :)
Congrats Tim Sabatino for the amazing night of Art & Photography. Your pieces are really Unique!

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the shoes are to die for