Monday, October 15, 2012

My Sketch - Loved the Fun Version of me!

Hello my fabulous people,

Today I had an amazing Sunday!!
I started off with the monthly "girl pain" - CRAMPS, but once the pain was gone, I had energy to go do some editing with one of my camera men, Kevin Boot. He is great and motivating. Always smiling and taking the work seriously. There I had his friend, artist Jamie, sketching me in 5 minutes. Loved the drawing so much that put it on my fridge :)
After that I headed  to church for the Sunday mass, which I had a great time praying and feeling good there. Then went to have dinner with new friends I just made. We talked for hours and shared great laughter.  That's how my day ended. I'm glad to share it with you guys.
Here is the drawing that put a BIG smile on my face. Hope you liked it.
Thanks Jamie, you made me smile :)

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