Monday, October 15, 2012

Killer Dress for Fall! Get Inspired

Hello Fabulous people,

How is your fall so far?
I know it looks like we are still in summer, but we better be ready to rock this season.
This fall I have been greatly inspired to not only create but also wear amazing fashion pieces too.
Since I have been shooting a lot for my Brazilian show Reporter Hollywood, I've been putting together great combinations and outfits to look sharp and stylish on camera.That's the most fun part of the job.I Love styling, it's so much fun!
I'm also taking a class called Coordinate Sports Wear at Fashion School and it's making me spend some time in front of the sewing machine and also in front of my computer picking favorite dresses from past seasons to tweak them around and come out with my own design. 
During one of my fun researches I came across with this black Michael Kors gown(from fall last year) and absolutely LOVED it. I clearly want and need to make my version of it!
Look at the beautiful Gossip Girls star Leighton Meester wearing it. Stunning!

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