Sunday, September 9, 2012

Momento Marshmallow at Millions of Milkshake

Hello my fabulous people,

What a night!
I honestly had plans to stay home resting and catching up with all the late writing I have to do for my blog, but I had to rush and leave home to attend to one more event!!
Fabulous Channel don't miss out a thing, and tonight was one of those busy nights. 
I couldn't resist an invite from Alison Silva (responsible for all the great and famous activities/festivities/events at the most visited milkshake point in LA, "Millions of Milkshake" in West Hollywood. They launched a GIANT MARSHMALLOW and it was embellishing the front of Millions of Milkshake Weho store, amazing design work by Gilberto Mendes
Daniel Ferreira was clicking and registering all the special moments, and I was there along with my great friends posing for tons of photos :) 
We also tried some of the Mr. Pink energetic drink. Hummmmm... 
The night was really fun!
Congrats Millions of Milkshake for one more fun event. The Marshmallow is indeed a very unique piece of art. Loved it!
Ah, thanks for my Milkshake too. I got the Oreo Delicious flavor one, it was insanely GOOD!

Enjoy the night Highlights
Millions of Milkshake Marshmallow

Welcome to Millions of Milkshake!

The Giant Marshmallow by Gilberto Mendes

Famous Menu!

Delicious shake!!

Milkshake Delicious Toppings!

Alison Silva & I at Millions of Milkshake

Daniel Ferreira & I

 Gilberto Mendes & I

Trying my Oreo shake!

Trying Mr. Pink Drink!

 Barbara Rocha & I
 Fabi & I
We love Mr. Pink Drink!
My hottest photographer, friend & Brother Dani with me at Millions of Milkshake!

By the way, time to go to bed, I've got a big event to host tomorrow.
If you don't have plans for your Sunday, come to San Diego to see the best of Brazil at the Brazilian Day San Diego 2012. It will be a party to remember. I will be presenting all the activities on stage. Timbalada, Araketu, Tonho Materia (Olodum) and much more.
60.000 people on the streets enjoying Brazilian music, dance, food and carnaval!! Cheers!



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