Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brothers of Brazil Rocked the Key Club - Hollywood

Hello my fabulous people,

Oh, my boys are back from Brazil!! Hell yeahhhhhhhhhhh
Welcome back to LA Brothers!!
The Brothers of Brazil, Supla and Joao Suplicy are two amazing blood brothers that have this amazing style for music and personality.
You might be asking: What's the secret?? A combination of opposites making the best results.
Joao brings the Bossa Nova from Brazil and Supla the punk rock, together they make "Bossa Rock". A unique style of music they've created!
If you haven't seem them yet, this week it's your chance. You must go tomorrow to the Key Club,in Hollywood, where I happen to be tonight for their first show promoting their new album "On my Way".
Tonight the Brothers played and sang songs from their new album and embraced a huge challenge. They played at the most punk rock venue in LA and to the most punk crowd of Hollywood. THE PUBLIC ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE BROTHERS.
Who wouldn't, right?? They are the best!!
Anyway, I had lots of fun tonight with them on and off stage and I want take the time to thank them for bringing great music to US.
Here is the highlights of the night!

 Love the  Brothers on Stage

   Back Stage with the Brothers

 Liz e Mayra

Key Club with Liz and Mayra Dias Gomes

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