Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shocking Death of Whitney Houston - She will be Greatly Missed!

Huge Tragedy!!

Whitney was found dead in her Beverly Hills Hotel room today at 3:54pm.She leaves us in her 48s, right before the 54th Grammy's ceremony where she was going to attend.
What a sad day to the world!I feel truly sad :( She was one of my favorites. I loved her..and will always love..
I'm sure it's not easy to be addicted to something so harmful. Drugs, alcohol,or whatever it is,are very destructive and it's devastating to see someone so important to me,to us, to the entire world be gone this sudden.
It's all the media including TV and all the social networks like: Twitter, Facebook talk about. It's a very sad day. 
Most of the big names in the music industry are reacting to her death as being a big SHOCK. They still can't believe they've lost a dear friend, a wonderful artist like Whitney, and their messages to her are all the same: It's such sad news, still can't believe it, she will be greatly missed. 
I know it's not easy to deal with the pressure of having to be perfect for the public and I feel like drugs are taking over. I wish we could do something to stop it from happening again.Artists need help to stay strong in their journey. Two years ago we lost Michael Jackson, then Amy Wine House and now Whitney. 
My prayers go to the most wonderful voice in the world, my dear WHITNEY HOUSTON.
I will always love you!!

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