Monday, September 12, 2011

Miss Universe 2011.Brazil Gets the Third Place!

The crown goes to ANGOLA!! Damn it!
We Brazilians should celebrate though,we got third PLACE!! Pretty good!
The event took place in Sao Paulo- Brazil.It was a beautiful and very glamorous event.Personalities like the super model Isabeli Fontana were part of the judge panel.
Claudia Leite and Bebel Gilberto were the main attractions and they absolutely rocked the house with their performances!
Leila Lopes,the new Miss Universe received the crown from the past winner Miss Mexico. The results were pretty shocking for those who were watching,I'd say surprising considering the options.Look yourself all the contestants and make your best judgment,see how many beautiful girls deserved to win too!
The Brazilian contestant, Miss Rio Grande do Sul,Priscila Machado got the third place and was looking amazing in all the outfits. The Yellow gown looked absolutely stunning on her.GREAT CHOICE!
Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella did not win but made it to the 16s finalists!

 WINNER, MISS UNIVERSE 2011 Leila Lopes receiving the crown!

Leila Lopes- Miss Angola

Amelia Vega - Miss Ucraine- Second Place

Third Place Miss Brazil - Priscila Machado

Congrats Brazil

The Miss Philippines - Forth Place

Miss China - Fifth Place

Miss USA - She was between the top 16 but didn't make it to the 5 finalists!

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Leila said...

Que preconceito!! Meio tendencioso esse seu comentário! Por que Leila Lopes não merecia? Entre as finalistas ela era a mais bonita e interessante! Já sei, aposto que pra você beleza que conta é beleza de mulher branca.