Friday, September 30, 2011

Being Interviewed VERSUS INTERVIEWING! Cool Hunt by Patrese Calheiros

                                               This week I had the honor to be interviewed by one of my greatest Brazilian friends in LA, Patrese Calheiros.
Usually I'm the one interviewing,this week the roles changed,I was interviewed.It felt strange, but a good strange!

What is the cool hunt project?!!
School assigned my friend a homework: Interview a cool person with great stories that can inspire people!
He needed to interview THIS COOL PERSON to present in his marketing class.He couldn't think of a cooler person, ha ha ha, he chose me, Ï wonder why! :)
Anyways... He came with all his pro equipment to get some simple footage done.. then we ended up taking to the next level,we took time to do something more fun!
We had a real set of lights, we had a "set designer" helping out taking the junk away from the set, we had wardrobe and a real camera man / interviewer,Patrese himself!By the way, what a great job he did!
Oh well, there is not much left to say,just wanted to thank him and share the experience/video with you guys. The video shows what this post is all about!
Hope you guys like it as much as I did.
Thanks Patrese, YOU ROCK!
... and ACTION!!
Cool Hunt - Video

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Anonymous said...

Loved it!!!!! You guys rock.