Thursday, December 6, 2012

Special Sunday with the Brazilian Bloggers

Hello my fabulous people,

Happy Holidays in advance!!
Let's welcome Christmas time with a lot of love and great spirits.
I'm counting the days to celebrate it with my family in Brazil, but before that I must say that Christmas time starts here with my LA family. 
This past Sunday I had the honor to meet up with my favorite Brazilian Bloggers, Flavia Araujo (From Rio to LA) and Nani Bergman (LipstickCookie) at one of the best Brazilian restaurants in town, Gamela Grill, located at 7250 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park.
They have some SERIOUS churrasco(best Brazilian meat cut right in front of you from the grill -  bacon wrapped chicken · garlic beef · Picanha - hot dishes · and much more) a great variety of home made food. 
I was in heaven with all my favorite meats and dishes right in front of me and had no idea it would taste so homey! 
Wondering what's their differential?? Hum, a great chef in the kitchen of course... Ah, it's not just a chef, it happens to be the Brazilian mom whose daughter (Anna) owes the restaurant. They both were there to give us a 5 start treatment. We loved the visit. The food had a special taste that you will only find out when you come by..  
The afternoon was fun from beginning to ending. Thanks to our photographer Livia Wippich we had amazing shots to share with you guys a bit of our experience at the restaurant.
Now it's your turn to visit and eat some DELICIOUS HOME MADE BRAZILIAN FOOD!!
After all the eating, photos and talking, we arranged the make plans for our Christmas party coming up this Sunday. If you got the invitation, you are a lucky one. Be ready for some fun with the Brazilian Bloggers!!
Photos by Livia Wippich
Special Thanks to Gamela Grill.

My Visit to Gamela Grill with the Brazilian Bloggers!

Look of the Sunday!

Our Looks!

The Food!

The Variety!
 These three Horizontal photos are cortesy of the Gamela Grill website

The Cool Crew!

The Sweet Fashion lovers!

Behind a Good Food, a Good Team!

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