Wednesday, May 9, 2012

High Low Fashion - Loving Mullet Dresses!!

Hello my fabulos people,

Did you enjoy seeing all those amazing dresses for the Met Gala 2012 on my past post??I hope so,  I loved picking my favorites to share with you!!
Today I selected some of my favorite options for the high low dresses, Mullet style. Have you heard about it?If you haven't by now, it's time to get tuned and go get yourself one.They are stunning!
All the celebs are wearing, I'm wearing and I love how each designer come up with different ideas of Mullett!!
The high low cut do make the women look elegant and sexy, most of the dresses keep the legs out and if you are tall,then, that's it,you can achieve a great look wearing the perfect Mullet.
Here are my favorites from McQueen, Emanoel Ungaro, Emilio Pucci, Zuhair Murad.. among others!



  At City of Angels first screening!

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