Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Elizandra Dutra - Pink Cute Intimate Party!

Hello my Fabulous people,

Today I had the honor to have here at my place some of my closest friends. It was a special day. I wanted to do a little surprise for my good friend Eliz and sure the little party I put together was a success, all that matters is , WE HAD A BLAST. With the help of Daniel Ferreira we had a delicious pasta made by himself.Hummmmm,SO GOOD. Then: champagne, cheese and crackers,  snacks and amazing cupcakes in several flavors... AH, and chocolate cake for the happy birthday moment.
Truth is,good friends come to our lives and stay for a reason, they make life much more special.. That's why I wanted to say happy birthday to my dear friend
Elizandra Dutra in a special way. I couldn't wait to have her back from Brazil.LA without ELiz is quite boring :)
I Met her back in 2009 when she was applying to participate at the Miss Brazil LA pageant of that year.. And guess what?She won the pageant and became our Miss Brazil LA 2009.
To be honest, she was born to be a MISS.She did an amazing job representing LA & wearing the crown .. all because she knew how to carry herself . Had not only a classy posture but also passion for what she was doing! She ROCKS!

Feliz Aniversario amiga!! 
The photos speak for themselves :)

Espero que curta as fotos! Photos by Daniel Ferreira.

Happy Birthday Moment!!

Gifts Time!!

Eliz,I put Together Some of the Fun Moments we had Together. I love you amiga!!

Simplismente Eliz!!


Styling by me :)


Elizandra said...

No words to describe how happy you made me tonight! Thank you so much amiga!!!! Eliz

Anonymous said...

Parabens Gisele, adorei seu blog....A festa foi perfeita!!!!

Anonymous said...

Parabens Gisele, adorei seu blog....A fesya foi perfeita...Bjos Jane

About this Blog said...

Eu que amei poder comemorar com vc.Blow the candles one more year together. Estou feliz em ter vc como amiga por esses 3 anos... Agradeco sempre a Deus por certos presentes que ele me manda.You are for sure one of them :) Happy Birthday amiga!