Friday, July 22, 2011

2 Months in Brazil & Great TV Appearances to Share!

Programa do Chef/SBT/TV Tambaú

It's always good to be back to our roots!! Viva ao Brasil..I'm here enjoying my vacation and as a total passionate-for-my work person, doing some work too. Entertainment is my LIFE!
Here I am, in my country, more specifically, in my hometown, João Pessoa,PB,surrounded by love, caring and tons of attention. Who doesn't like that? I love to be able to be back home and be remembered in a good way. Lucky me I have a good history made here and abroad to share.
This month I had the opportunity to share with some of my hometown networks/channels that invited me for interviews, a bit of my greatest experiences living in Los Angeles, the unique work moments I had.It was fun because this time I was not the reporter or the host, I was the guest, the interviewee! JUST LOVED CHANGING ROLES!!
Hope you guys like it!
Programa do Chef- Delicious Culinary

Apresentação Walter Ulysses
Muito Legal a Culinária e a Dinâmica do Programa

Programa do Chef Crew!Uma Equipe para ninguém botar defeito!!

Feminissima TV Show
Apresentação Marcelle Mosso

Moda e Muito Mais!

Nosso Pate Papo foi mais que Divertido!!

Vanguarda TV SHOW
 Apresentação Sergio Montenegro


Um Show de Apresentação e Simpatia- Parabéns Serginho
Voltamos ao Túnel do Tempo na Minha Carreira com essa entrevista.DEMAIS!!
Equipe TV Master!
Giselle Claudino e Sergio Montenegro
TV Commercial in Manaus
Getting makeup my done!

 Selling matresses. Fun!


 Equipe Armazém Paraíba acima!
 Selling on TV!

Watch the commercial:


Robert Fleet said...

Wow! What a great talent! You pop out of the screen like a diamond, Giselle! And that commercial: it is all YOU - your personality, your attractiveness, your fantastic sense of humor and movement! Bravo from L.A.!


Wow, thank you Robert, I appreciate you idea and great words!!

anna said...

Your tv-outfits are awesome: great legs