Thursday, March 10, 2011

Family Vacation. Our Great Memories in LA, NY, Miami & Bahamas!

"I couldn't feel happier". That was me talking to myself during the entire vacation I had with my family in the past 2 weeks.
I'm back to LA now but back with great memories, tons of photos and a lot of to catch up at school.
It's amazing how important family is in our lives. I had my brothers, my sister, my mom and my sisters- in- law all here at same time. How wonderful!!
In times I must say it was a bit hectic, crazy.. but all that confusion with too many people inside a car, sorry, not car, mini bus,more like a big van, I'd say, was fun. Everybody had me as a tour guide, ha ha ha, but even like that we still had everybody wanting to do different things all the time.Chaotic in a funny way!
In the end of the trip, which ended in Miami after an amazing cruise to the Bahamas, everybody has a lot to carry...Some shopped way too much, the suitcases could no longer fit in pretty any rental car or cab, & it was a challenge to make it to the airport.The journey was exhausting but we made it there happily!!
Now they are all back to Brasil.
I miss you guys!!!!!!!



That's the Mini Van I was driving my family around in LA!

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