Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen party celebrating Barby 's B-Day Bash

Hot girls turned to be the hot guys and the guys turned to be the hot girls of the night... this is how my great and lovely friend Barbara Roch decided to celebrate her birthday this year.
The dress code was a SUCESS.We were taking pictures and dancing all night long.
I've got to confess that being a man is much more comfortable. ha ha ha.. So much easier to wear those comfy and baggy clothes.
Among great friends,great food, a lot of fun and laughter the birthday girl blew the candles and turned one year old.
Here is my message to you Barbara: You are my very good friend, you mean a lot to me.I'm happy I met you. Just like me you are from the Northeast.Congrats not just for your birthday but also for being this  girl full of energy, happy and caring...Ah, adding one more thing, SWEET!
Happy Birthday my dear Barby! 
The photos were taken by the master of the photography Daniel Ferreira, which by the way also painted the back drop of the party. Great Job Dani!!

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