Saturday, December 18, 2010

Michelli Buback's Debut as a Fashion Designer

                                            A Night to Remember!!

For those who has been around Michelli Buback in her 3 years journey of fashion school knows how much love, dedication & time she put on every single drawing,stitch,cut...etc..during those years in class.I know for fact every single step of  it.She shared the experience with me along the way till her graduation.That's why today I'm also a student of Fashion Design at the same place as she graduated. LATTC, an amazing school.
As her very close friend, I know how much she likes what she does. "Passion is everything",she explains to me. Without passion you can actually go till the end of the course, but she reminds how important is to love what you do to be able to do a great job in the final projects & in the future too.With her well planned thoughts & most of her goals in mind set in the right path, she got to the TOP.Finished her course with many awards.One of them is the accomplishments of seeing her hard work looking amazing.
LATTC Gold Thimble,which is the Graduation Fashion Show, was one more time a big SUCCESS.This time Michelli Buback was one of the students graduating, not one the models on the show.
For the final projects, the school recognizes the students effort & give prizes to the best designs of each category.People from the industry come days before the fashion show & vote for their favorite garments.
Michelli got FIRST PLACE for the AFTER 5 category.Very beautiful black cocktail attire dressed by one of her close friends Caroline Correa.
She got FIRST PLACE for the RECYCLE category as well.Very creative dress made by a destroyed French coat & transformed to a completely new garment decorated with cute butterflies, dressed by model Rose Costa,Michelli's friend as well.
She got SECOND PLACE for the SPORT'S WEAR category. A Three pieces garment.A Casimir skirt, jacket, a soft fabric grey shirt to go inside the jacket & a touch of fur on the neck.That garment was modeled by me. I was honored to be part of her very first fashion show.
She also got THIRD PLACE for the THEME category.OMG,I'm suspect to say anything, but that dress was the most beautiful dress of the night. Classy layered skirt with beautiful corset, to complement the theme, a mask full of gorgeous flowers.
Her teachers,friends, classmates, husband & I, we all were so PROUD of her that even though after a week has past of her FASHION SHOW DEBUT, we are still congratulating her for her amazing final designs.
I've been observing & watching Michelli for the past 6 years of my life, almost the time I've been living in America. She is just genial as a friend & as a professional. Has a bit of a strong personality, but very kind friend, caring, helpful &  her graduation means a LOT TO ME.
Mi,this post on my blog is a way to say how much I love you & how proud of you I am. Now is your time to shine as a fashion designer & start designing some cool clothes for me..I have a lot of red carpet to attend :) It's your transition from the World's Catwalks to the Creative Design Universe.Congratilations amiga!
Beijos Giselle

Here are the best moments caught on CAMERA!!
Don't forget, the full video coverage of Michelli's first fashion show is coming up on soon. Broadcasted by me, of course! :)

                                    Michelli Buback leaves the World's Catwalks to be Fashion Designer!

                                                                  Giselle Claudino- Sports Wear

       Caroline Correa- After 5 Cocktail Attire

         Rose Costa- Recycle

                                                                        Alexis Broker- Theme

     Alice Gardin - Swimwear

First Interview as a Fashion Designer- Caught on camera!

             Giselle Claudino for Sete Magazine

          Michelli & her 5 models

          Some of her Garments still on the dress form before the show

Back Stage Moments

 Production Class Helps all the Designers Back Stage

                                                              Gold Thimble 2010
More Back Stage Moments

   Also, congrats to Josh, also graduate designer & our Sweet friend

Giselle Claudino- Evening Gown

                                                                Elizandra Dutra- Theme

MEANWHILE Michelli graduates.....

Here I am in my first semester at LATTC, fashion design clothing construction class. Thanks to Michelli I'm here. I love FASHION!

                                    First time touching a sewing machine!

My Dear Classmates. I can't leave without their HELP!!!

If you think it's easy,come and try. My little skirt took days to come to life!

Hope you all enjoy this post. It's dedicated to Michelli Buback. Cheers!!

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Anonymous said...

Que lindo vc me fez chorarrrr eu eu q pensei q as emocoes da graduation ja tinha acabado mas cada dia uma amiga me surpreende e como sempre vc supera!
Muito obrigada pelo seu texto ... tem alguns errinhos de ingles basico mais q nao faz nenhuma diferenca no que voce quis dizer.
I love you!!!! E por isso que eu vou pegar muito e sempre no seu pe sobre escola e outras coisas sei q vc e muito capaz ma sprecisa de uma pressaozinha que eu vou ter a honra de fazer!!!
Love you!